Winter sale

Post date: 03.12.2018

When buying or extending protection for 6 months, one module is available as a gift to choose from.

When buying or extending protection for 12 months,The gift comes with any two modules to choose from.

When you purchase for 6 months or 12 full sets of modules, the license is extended for +6 months or +12 months as a gift. Example: you bought a full set of modules for 6 months, as a gift you received another.

Autumn Sale

Post date: 27.09.2018

License with all modules for 6 months 700 $
License with all modules for 12 months  800$
All modules are already purchased before the protection of  500$


Post date: 06.07.2018
  1. Fix Guild Honor
  2. Fix HWID Ban
  3. Add value accurasy for MAU

Update 2232

Post date: 10.02.2018

Fix new dupe in trunk(Bank).

Fix map delay.

Add new setting in Additional.ini

Add new Setting in Threadser.ini

Add new parametr in rules protect.

On the eve of the new year

Post date: 27.11.2017

On the eve of the new year.

From December 1 until December 25, I have discounts for all modules of 30%.
Also, a semi-annual license comes with a gift module (Module RaidBoss respawn and kill message.)
The annual license comes with a gift module (Obtaining pvp points in a party(Give cash temp point in party))
Annual license with a set of all modules for $ 999


Post date: 08.07.2017

I go to the hospital for a month from 08.07.2017 to 12.08.2017.
A big request to write on the merits, do not do any movements with the replacement of equipment. And any changes to coordinate with me.

Update Protect (

Post date: 26.02.2017

Add Console
Add in Console command for control server(Send Cry and Notice chat).
Add new setting in Offset.ini (Port server and max level animus)
Add new setting in CharacterDefence.ini (enable fix standart attack)

Fix Attack Force calc.
Fix Command “Setini 24” (Fix Update potion module,character defence module).
Fix Effect DoublePotion (Cheat properties cans).
Fix log VoteSystem (Save attempts vote).
Fix standart calculate attack
Fix broken item in bank (6-7 page)
Fix Running protect in Windows 2012 server.

Command Console:
$ Text = (Send to notice chat)
% Text = (Send to Cry Chat)
* Setini = (Reload ini files)
@ NickName = (Set NickName for Ban account)

Update Protect(BSB)

Post date: 06.01.2017

Fix Module Reborn (Add new message if have problem).
Add new check for Buffer addon (check in town and check have buff use only in HQ).
Fix Dupe Null object to Use item.
Fix Dupe Null object to PickUp.
Fix Dupe Null object to lootItem.
Fix Dupe Null object to Mail.
Fix Mail Dupe.

Update 2232

Post date: 06.12.2016

Fix Notice Chat
Fix More kicks player to game
Fix Client Protect Run More Window (In Additional.ini Restrict the number of start-up gaming customers, divided into premium and regular)
Fix Client Protect (Run in Windows XP, Need Test)

Add new module (Resize Max HP.(Max 1.2kkk)) Link module .