Post date: 23.09.2016

1) Change the PC (Replacement of server platform or transfer to another PC(Change Dedicated Server),(Change CPU or MotherBoard))2.2.3 – 400$ – 400$,When you migrate, the license time is added.

1.1)You can transfer to another PC, but without the license time extension (the price from the transfer of 60% of the security rating.)

2) If, after you reinstall your Operation System,Replacing the license key free **(If the failure was caused by the replacement whatsoever whether in PC)100$.

3) Resale of the project or the protection of another person. In support of the product is denied.

3.1) If the protection was purchased through a reseller, then all the protection is for the buyer, the reseller only resells and offers security services.

4)On one PC, you can run only one product. If you run more than one, then the surcharge (each subsequent license 60% of the total Unit Stake product).

5)Questions not related to the protection are ignored. Instructions and present (example: (I have purchased protection but do not want to help me set up the server to the client and help, or to find a problem in the game) client files). These users will be added to the ignore list for a period of from 1 day to 1 week, depending on how he fucked my brain.

5.1)If you need help setting up the server and it does not apply to security settings, and you have no one to know what and how to work or help with scripts, the hour of working with you is $ 30.

6)If you change something gathered related to Hardware or software that changes the MAC address on the PC where is the protection? please notify me for 2-3 days before. “Angry cries of the type now urgently Solve the problem“, “I did not know about it.” Not taken into account and will be ignored.

6.1)If you reinstalled the operating system without warning or changed any device and the HWID has changed, then an urgent change of $ 20 without waiting 2-3 days.

7)You know that there is a bug (or get someone of the players said it), but you do not know how it can be implemented.
I do not know and try to find and fix, I will not, will not be available until your part of the normal description of its implementation.
The reason is a waste of time to fix it is not possible to verify or confirm.
Do you want to fix a bug or error, describe the whole process of his (her) reception.
Spent time on bug fixes or error 1 – 7 days, depending on the complexity of the problem.

8)Tech support Work only  9am – 12 pm from GMT+3 . In the remaining hours of reports of care and different requests will be ignored

9)I answer questions only for protection, all other questions can be answered for $ 20.An hour of dealing with your non-protection problems costs $ 75.

10)Insults and threats to my address, it is possible a license block and a total ignore.


The more modules you buy, the more discount will be calculated