Post date: 23.09.2016
  • Fixed Crash Server.
  • Fixed Guild.
  • Fixed Guild Honor.
  • Fixed Bank.
  • Fixed Trap & GuardTower.
  • Fixed ASPD (For work fix , need use client protect).
  • Fidex FlyHack & WallHack & SpeedHack.
  • Fixed Create a character with no nickname.
  • Fixed Create a character with the nickname of the prohibited characters.
  • Fixed Macrose’s.
  • Fixed Trade Hack.
  • Fixed -1 Coordinat.
  • Fixed Things get a premium package.
  • Fixed Cheat abilities through the set items.
  • Fixed Vote for the leader race.
  • Fixed GM’s logging activities and logging chats players.
  • Fixed Post.
  • Fixed Auction (Purchase your item is).
  • Fixed Auction (Overflow money).
  • Fixed Auction (Buying through a change of class Player).
  • Fixed Auction (Dupe through the re-registration).
  • Fixed Cash Shop.
  • Fixed GM Command.
  • Fix GM Command $notice.
  • Fix appearances in textures GuardTower.
  • Fix Attack range.
  • Fix Debuff range.
  • Fix Use buff in SiegeMode.
  • Fix Teleport in war mode.
  • Fix Showing sharpening through bug.
  • Fix Pvp point Leak in race cora(abyss potion).
  • Fix Cheat Potion same effects when using dual Potion(ipdou01).
  • Fix Make Item (Add function disable/enable in Additional.ini)Now with a successful craft gives PT.
  • Fix over damage race debuff.
  • Fix bug looting stack.
  • Fix ore extraction +4.
  • Fix using the effects of weapons in Siege set.
  • Fix recoll potion.
  • Fix Mail(New dupe items.)
  • Fix Using things leader of the race, not the leader of the race.
  • Fix more 2 ring in slot inventory.
  • Fix load processor for low pc and  big online.
  • Fix Wrong Effect talics.


  • Addon Enchant Setting
  • Addon Money & gold Setting
  • Addon Buffer
  • Addon Expiriens in Mau
  • Addon AllChat Shown to all races
  • Addon Announcement about what the admin or gm entered the game
  • Addon Auto loot (Turning things at once in the drop-down racial currency, without any loss of effect with a monster)
  • Addon World Drop Item
  • Addon Display for normal user HP Chip’s in ChipWar
  • Addon Reward Week.
  • Addon Filter loot(Substitution kind of loot to fake).

The license price for  3 months:150$

The license price for 6months:400$
The license price for 1 year:500$
License renewal: 6 months:300$
License renewal: 1 year 400$

All modules only if have Protect 500$

License with all modules for 6 months (Modules are always sold, 1 time bought and they are yours for life(Permament)) 700 $
License with all modules for 12 months (Modules are always sold, 1 time bought and they are yours for life(Permament)) 800$