Update Protect (

Post date: 26.02.2017

Add Console
Add in Console command for control server(Send Cry and Notice chat).
Add new setting in Offset.ini (Port server and max level animus)
Add new setting in CharacterDefence.ini (enable fix standart attack)

Fix Attack Force calc.
Fix Command “Setini 24” (Fix Update potion module,character defence module).
Fix Effect DoublePotion (Cheat properties cans).
Fix log VoteSystem (Save attempts vote).
Fix standart calculate attack
Fix broken item in bank (6-7 page)
Fix Running protect in Windows 2012 server.

Command Console:
$ Text = (Send to notice chat)
% Text = (Send to Cry Chat)
* Setini = (Reload ini files)
@ NickName = (Set NickName for Ban account)